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Online Driver Education:

You can register for our Online Driver Education course and study at your own pace and schedule.

Our Online Driver Education course is State certified and meets the California Vehicle Code Driver Education requirements. Total cost is $60.00 US dollars.

To register please visit:

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On the Road Driver Training:

We provide private behind-the-wheel training so you can fully focus on the road. All of our vehicles are dual-controlled and automatic. You may choose to have a marked or unmarked vehicle. We are open seven days a week and include home, school or work pick-up. On the road driver training is offered to teens and adults.

Two words come to mind when describing our team of driving experts who train our students...professional and caring. Unlike driver education, driver training consists of behind-the-wheel practice. Driver training is serious business and whether you are practicing on the freeway or attempting to parallel park you need to have a patient instructor who will guide you with safe driving techniques and habits. Teens are required to fulfill six hours of behind-the-wheel training. To sign-up for Driver Training please call, 310-559-9056. (Out-of-Office hours: 310-614-2148.)

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DMV Road Test:

It's convenient, affordable and smart to call University Driving School for rental car service to the DMV. Call us and we will set up an appointment with the DMV for your behind-the-wheel road test. We rent the car for a flat rate that includes one hour pick up before the test. There are no hidden fees. Call today, 310-559-9056. (Out-of-Office hours: 310-614-2148.)

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Call us today!   *** 310-559-9056 *** (Out-of-Office hours: 310-614-2148)